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I am glad to see this critique of the Crimson. Perhaps the most telling phrase in it, one that resonates with me in any case, was "and they didn’t reply." Given Ira Stoll's role with the Crimson, this reflects the Crimson's arrogance, ingratitude and cowardice, all rolled up in one.

As for me, for over a year until just a few weeks ago, I had been taking part regularly in debates about the Crimson's articles and about events at Harvard by contributing to the comments sections of the paper's articles and editorials. As is typical. some taking part in those comments sections were the usual potshoters and trolls common to such forums. However, a core of people - Ira Stoll was occasionally one, Nancy Morris, several others, including myself -- carried on a vigorous and very substantive debate, often challenging Harvard and the Crimson on key issues. A few weeks ago, in the midst of the current anti-Israel encampment crisis, the Crimson suddenly shut down its comments sections (including eliminating them from all past articles as near as I can tell). There has been no explanation of this at all, even though I've asked them about it several times. As I say, arrogance, ingratitude, and cowardice.

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